The only girl on board

So you think that most cabin crew are women? Think again! Magnus (@captainmagnus) and I had a flight together to New York, and out of 10 crew members, I was the only girl on board! It isn’t often that it happens, but we had such a fun time. Male or female, – all my colleagues are great!

The layover itself was very calm. I was really tired, so I didn’t do much else than sleep and eat. In a job like this, you need to plan for rest, so you also have energy left for other things than just work.  After New York, I had a busy weekend ahead of me back in Sweden, with visiting friends and lots of other things to take care of, so I decided to take it easy and stay in the area around the hotel in New Jersey. It was cold, but beautiful. The best thing about New Jersey is the amazing view of Manhattan’s skyline. Furthermore, there are no VAT on clothes! My next flight is to San Francisco. It is also a very long flight, so you’re very tired, when you finally arrive, but hopefully it’s warmer over there than in New Jersey.

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