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When I got my first airline job and was undergoing line-training, I remember flying with an old and very experienced training captain. For the life of me I can’t remember where I went or what training topics were discussed on the flight, but what really stood out to me on that day was after the flight had concluded and the de-briefing was done, the captain said to me: “Poul, the best advice I can give anyone brand new in aviation, is to always be polite and respectful towards everyone you encounter, all the way from the baggage-handler to the airline CEO, because everybody remembers an a**hole, and in this industry you always meet people at least twice”.

The other day, 11 years later, I came to think back on how true those words from the old captain were. I had a layover in Amsterdam where I got the chance to meet up with my friend and former colleague Mike. Mike and I have been colleagues in not two, but three different airlines over the years.

Mike is from Amsterdam, but currently flies Boeing 787’s all over the world from London for a major European airline. So even though the chances are small I normally check to see if Mike is town every time, I’m in Amsterdam. As luck would have it Mike was in town and we decided to meet up at the Toolenburg Restaurant Long Island, which is located in the town of Hoofddorp close to Schiphol airport. The restaurant is located on a small lake and offers outside seating, which I can imagine must be very nice during the warmer months, but since the temperature was close to freezing, we opted for a table inside. The food options were the usual suspects you would expect to find on a café menu, such as a variety of salads, sandwiches and burgers. I went for the burger while Mike had the Club sandwich. After a good meal and a few cups of coffee we decided to go for a very cold and windy walk around the lake. A perfect way to finish of a good meal and great to see an old friend again!

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