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How we became cabin crew - Cabin Crew Blog

The job as a cabin crew isn’t just a job, but also a lifestyle. It’s a great way to see the world (and get paid for it!) and when you’ve first hit the skies, it is difficult to imagine doing anything else for a living. Here’s how we ended up in the airline industry along with some of the best things and the worst things about working as a cabin crew.

Rikke (@rikkeinthesky)I was working in Matas (a Danish beauty chain) and one of the sales representatives, who used to be a cabin crew, told me that I would make a great cabin crew and suggested that I applied. I had never really thought about that choice of career before, but I decided to apply for a cabin crew position at Danish airline, and I got the job! I have now been in aviation for 18 years, and even though I have missed many birthdays, weddings and holidays on that account, it has generally been a lot of fun. The best thing about the job is the colleagues, and I have made friends for life on board.

Working as a cabin crew is very different from most other jobs, and after all these years up in the air, I think it would be difficult for me to fit into any other job in any other industry.

And one last thing: A lot of people still believe that the job as a cabin crew is very glamorous. It isn’t. Unless you think eating dinner, sitting on the waste bin is glamorous. 

Jessica (@jesasica): I was working as a tourist rep and after being abroad for two years I felt that it was time to go home. Though I wasn’t ready to give up all the fun associated with travel and tourists, and the job as a cabin crew provided the perfect mix. I love my job and I will never change career unless something really extraordinary happens!

Anne-Mette (@tinytravellersguide): My first flight was when I was 14 months old. Back in 1976 that was something quite extraordinary. Back then, my dad was working in Saudi Arabia, so we made the long trip from Denmark to Dammam several times a year. I loved flying, even though my ears were causing me some trouble. The feeling of the plane accelerating down the runway and taking off was fantastic.

I have an uncle, who was a steward at SAS, and as long as I remember I have wanted to work as a cabin crew myself. Though I wasn’t sure if I would be a good fit. I have always done well in school, and everybody told me I should get a job where I could “use my head”, so before joining the aviation industry, I was studying nursing and business law, and right before right before I started working as a cabin crew, I was offered a job as a legal secretary.

I have also worked as a tourist rep in Greece, and it was back then I met a lady, who worked for the airline I later joined. She told me that the airline was hiring cabin crew and suggested that I applied.

One of the best things about the job is the opportunity to travel and see the world. I love flying, and it is truly amazing to get on top of the clouds every day, because up there, the sun always shines. The worst thing about the job is to be away from my family and the constant lack of sleep you suffer from when you’re flying across time zones.

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