Phnom Penh: Radio Coffee

Brand new coffee shop in an up-and-coming neighborhood just south of central Phnom Penh. At first glance, Radio Coffee looks a bit like Brown (the big, home-grown cafe chain in Cambodia) but Radio Coffee is very much its own. Furthermore, it is halal, which which is also quite unusual, at least for trendy coffee shops in Phnom Penh.

The coffee shop caters to the young office worker crowd in the neighborhood, but the coffee is so good, it is worth the ~ $3 tuk-tuk drive from the city center. In addition to coffee, the cafe also serves a selection of non-caffeinated drinks as well as food items such as burgers, steaks and sandwiches. The price level at Radio Caffee is standard-Phnom-Penh-fancy-coffee-shop. Frappés are $2.65, teas are $3.35 and juices are $2.65 (August 2021).

Watch the video review below of Radio Coffee by our Phnom Penh local experts Chic Critiques, Alan and Mr. Pheap from (h)A.N.D. Artisan Designer:

Radio Coffee, 106, Street 371, Dang Kor District, Tel: 011779779/010696567

Radio Coffee Phnom Penh map

Posted by Chic Critiques

Mr. Alan J. Flux and Mr. Pheap from fair fashion boutique (h)A.N.D. in Phnom Penh are on a mission to show you all the nicest places in the city.

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