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Faroe Islands: Bitin in Tórshavn

by Pilots + Cabin Crew
Bitin in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands Guide

Bitin is a new cafe in Tórshavn, specializing in modern Nordic sandwiches. The tempting selection of sandwiches attracts a large crowd, especially around lunch time, when the cafe quickly fills up with nearby office workers.

Two sandwiches would probably be enough for most people, but if you bring a friend, you can always share, and thus sample more. If you are curious, and brave, you might want to try Bitin’s sandwich version of the traditional Faroese dish, Ræstur Fiskur (fermented fish).

What to order? The unpeeled shrimp is a particularly good deal. Enough for lunch for one person.

Best for: Bitin is best for lunch

Bitin, 12 Niels Finsens gøta, Tórshavn

Bitin Torshavn Faroe Islands map

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