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Tokyo: Kikanbo – Devil Spicy Ramen

Kikanbo, spicy ramen in Tokyo

For fans of spicy ramen, there is no way around Kikanbo. The miso based broth is cooked on pork bone, chicken bone and different kinds of vegetables in more than 10 hours. Chili oil made from a well-balanced mix of six kinds of red peppers brings the heat to the bowl, which is then topped with braised pork belly, baby corn and bean sprouts and egg, and drizzled with more red pepper to create the requested level of spiciness.

There are five level of spiciness ranges from Non-spicy to Devil Spicy, and while it might be tempting to see if you can handle Devil Spicy, we strongly advice against it, as you will most likely end up with a bruning mouth and an untouched bowl of ramen. Level 2 – level 3 is suitable for most people.

Kikanbo is a typical Japanese ramen restaurant, so it is not a place to hang around for hours. Considering that there is usually a line outside, it is also common courtesy not to sit around for too long.

A bowl of spicy ramen is 1000 yen (August 2021)

Kikanbo Kanda (the original branch), 2 Chome-10-9 Kajicho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo

Address in Japanese: 〒101-0044 東京都千代田区鍛冶町2丁目10−9

Kikanbo Spicy ramen Tokyo

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