Cabin Crew Jessica: My must-have beauty products for long-haul flights

Cabin Crew Jessica: My must-have beauty products for long-haul flights

Long flights, jet lag and dry cabin air can be hard on your skin, and special attention is required to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. Here is what works for me:


Moisture is essential, and for the past 12 years I have been using the brand Comfort Zone (an Italian brand), which I really like. I use the day cream, the night cream and a night oil. Sometimes I also apply a very thin layer of the night oil before a long-haul flight to keep my skin hydrated, which is particularly important during the winter season when the air is dry and cold. The entire line from Comfort Zone is very moisturizing, and I am a big fan of their cleansing cream.  

During a flight, I can’t be without face mist, which I can spray over my make up. Right now I am using the face mist with vitamin E from The Body Shop.

Whenever I am in Tokyo, I go shopping for moisturizing face masks, and I always bring the masks with me on layovers. It is a nice treat for my face before I go to sleep at the hotel, and it is a good way to hydrate my skin. 


Since I started flying long-haul flights to the US (about 10 years ago) I have only been using Bare Minerals. The powder foundation gives great cover and looks natural at the same time. It lets your skin breathe, and it has SPF so your skin is protected from the sunlight. Talking about SPF, this is really the most important thing you can do for your skin. 

I am still looking for the perfect mascara, but until I find it I guess I will have to do with my fiber mascara, which is doing an ok job. 

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