Quarantine life for cabin crew

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My uniform is hanging untouched in the closet, my trolley is stowed away and my visa to China expires in three weeks. I have an almost empty roster for the rest of the month, and it does not look like things will be much different next month.

I miss flying. I miss putting on my uniform and doing my hair and my makeup. Instead I get to spend a lot of time with my husband and my kids, and while I am grateful for that, it is also a demanding task which is keeping me busy from early morning to bedtime. The kids are home from school and kindergarten, and my husband works from home, so it is on me to make sure my  two oldest kids get through the school curriculum, while keeping my youngest daughter entertained and trying to make our two-bedroom apartment on the 4th floor feel like an accommodating place with room for everyone.

I miss flying up above the clouds where the sun always shines. While I am working, I can take a break from everyday life and just be me in a different world for a day or three. When I am away on layovers, I can let the thoughts flow uninterrupted. I can read, write or go for a long walk. Run, swim, and eat breakfast all day long. This is my time to relax and recharge, so I can go back home and be a happy mom and wife.  

When will I get to fly again? And when will the world again be ready to be explored? Soon, I hope. I am ready. But until then I will treasure each day I am spending with my husband and my kids, while dreaming each night about my life above the skies and the adventures that await out there.

Left: The preferred outfit of the day is pajamas…and nail polish:) Right: Time for reflection

Left: Being indoors drives all of us crazy, so an afternoon around a bonfire in the cousins’ garden was just what we needed. Right: Baking is a great opportunity to practice calculations, spelling and collaboration.

Left: Easter activities: Painting eggs while listening to a Harry Potter audio book, Right: Taking a break to get rye bread at the bakery.

Quarantine life, Cabin Crew Blog

Dad is teaching fishing and biology. Today’s lunch was fish filets.

Left: A well-deserved but very cold swim made another home-schooling day a little more fun. Right: Taking a break from city life to go for a walk in the forest.

Left: Thank god for Lego and board games Right: We are in the process of selling our allotment hut, but until it is sold, we make sure to enjoy the sunny days outside of the city.

Left: It is important to keep a distance. Right: Home schooling takes a lot of coffee, and luckily, I have plenty.

Quarantine life, Cabin Crew Blog

I really miss flying!

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