Turkish Breakfast at The Big Man – Good times in Antalya

Turkish Breakfast at The Big Man - Good times in Antalya

After flight school I got a job at an airline in Istanbul, where I worked for a year before I was offered another job in Antalya in the southern part of Turkey. In both Istanbul and Antalya, I was working for airlines that employed a lot of international pilots, and during my time in Turkey, I met new friends from all over Europe.

Yesterday, I found some old photos from Antalya on my phone. In the picture above, you can see a typical Turkish breakfast (long before Turkish breakfast became trendy) at one of my favorite restaurants, The Big Man, where I used to meet with my pilot friends for breakfast. In Turkey, you typically eat cheese, olives, cucumber and tomato for breakfast, but as you can see, a full Turkish breakfast comes will all kinds of small dishes.  

These days, when the COVID-19 pandemic has grounded planes and send airline staff on involuntary stand-by, my thoughts go out to my friends in the industry. We have a bumpy ride ahead, but I sincerely hope we will pull through and get back in the front seats soon again. Take care out there.

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