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Polly, Copenhagen Guide

Modern bistro/cafe at a busy, but cozy, stretch of Gl. Kongevej. The owners have stated that they are out to provide no BS food, that is, no food made for the sole purpose of looking good on Instagram, but a quick glance through the menu do not reveal any larger surprises. You would probably have encountered more than a few of menu items at other places around the world, but hey, that is not necessarily a bad thing, we all love a good avo toast, don’t we?

In the evening, the bistro part takes over, and Polly offers a 7-course tasting menu for a very reasonable 425DKK (July 2021) along with a la carte dishes.

PS: Even though they are not actively trying, most of the food is in fact rather photogenic.

Polly is good for: Breakfast and brunch. The set menu is a good deal for dinner

Polly, Gl. Kongevej 96, 1850 Frederiksberg

Polly - Copenhagen map

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