Flying with your best friends

The airline I work for employs thousands of cabin crew, so ending up on the same flight as all your best friends only rarely happens. When it does, it feels more like going away on a city break, and not at all like working:)

I know I often talk about my amazing colleagues, and sometimes I feel that people don’t really believe me, but it’s true! I don’t know why, but I guess it’s the same kind of people who are drawn to the airline industry and I find that all my colleagues are fun, openminded people that are easy to get along with.

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You laugh a lot and you talk about everything. And sometimes it turns into something more than just “someone you know from work”. Sometimes you meet the kind of people you would climb a mountain for! And eat pizza and watch movies with. You aren’t just colleagues but become best friends. Friends that you invite to your wedding. Friends that show up to celebrate your birthday. Friends that I went for a walk with in San Francisco just a few days ago. I couldn’t dream of changing career, because where else would I find that kind of people? That kind of friends?

When we are working I’m sure the passengers can feel that we are having a good time, and they relax and feel good too. A win-win situation:)

Now my friends and I are planning more flights together. The odds are low for all of us to be on the same flight again, but we will give it a try. The other month, four of us were requesting a Beijing layover, but only two of us, Lina and I, got the flight.

Great Wall of China, Cabin Crew Blog

We went to see the Great Wall as this is something both of us had wanted to do for a long time, but guess what? It started raining and they closed the part of the wall that most tourists visit.

Luckily, our driver from the hotel in Beijing said that he knew a different place we could visit the wall. That part of the wall wasn’t actually meant for tourists, but the driver told us that if we paid the farmer, who owned the surrounding fields, a small amount, we could walk through his land and up to the wall. It was just Lina and I on this stretch of the wall and it was absolutely amazing!

Cabin Crew Blog, layover in Beijing

Now all of us are planning on requesting a flight to Shanghai together. It is a wonderful city and there are so many things to do. We would visit the market and maybe have some clothes tailormade. There is also a Michelin-starred restaurant that we want to try, so I’m crossing my fingers and hope that we all get that flight.

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