Copenhagen: Rent a picnic boat

Rent a picnic boat, Copenhagen Guide

When the weather is nice and the sun is out, the Copenhageners are heading to the canals for some swimming and sunbathing. No doubt that the best way to see the city is from the water, and what is more fun than steering your own boat?

There are several boat rental companies in the city, but the most well-known are probably GoBoat at Islands Brygge and Teglværket (499DKK/hour, June 2021) and Friendships at Christianshavn (490DKK/hour, June 2021). The boats from both companies have electric engines, and a picnic table with room for 8 persons. No license? No problem. The boats go very slow, so the only requirement is that the person steering the boat is over the age of 18.

With the exception of the person steering the boat, you are allowed to drink alcohol on board, and encouraged to bring your own picnic basket. Remember to clean up and do not thrown waste in the water.

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