Phnom Penh: Udon Bar Moriiya

Udon Bar Moriiya, Phnom Penh Guide

Udon Bar Moriiya is a casual Japanese restaurant in BKK1. The udon (thick Japanese noodles) of course takes center stage, but the menu also features a good selection of casual Japanese food, as well as different lunch set menu, which are great value for money.

Compared to other lunch spots in Phnom Penh, Udon Bar is in the more expensive bracket, but compared to the US and Europe, it is cheap with most dishes at less than $5.

If you like Sichuan Dan Dan noodles (noodles in a spicy sesame sauce) you would probably like the Tan-Tan Udon, which is a Japanese version of the Chinese favorite.

Best for: Udon Bar Moriiya is best for lunch, but they are also open for dinner.

Watch the video of Chic Critiques, aka Mr. Alan & Mr. Pheap from Phnom Penh fair fashion brand (h)A.N.D at Udon Bar Moriiya below:

Udon Bar Moriiya, Street 282, Samdach Louis Em, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Udon Bar Moriiya Phnom Penh map

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Mr. Alan J. Flux and Mr. Pheap from fair fashion boutique (h)A.N.D. in Phnom Penh are on a mission to show you all the nicest places in the city.

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