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Phnom Penh: Bong Bonlai Vegan Restaurant

by Chic Critiques
Bong Bonlai, Vegan restaurant in Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh Guide

Casual vegan restaurant set in a cozy courtyard. The food is good and slightly cheaper than its rivals on the budding Phnom Penh vegan restaurant scene. The dessert selection is rather limited, but you could always grab one of the delicious smoothies ($2.50 and up). Main courses are around $5.

Bong Bonlai, which means big brother vegetable in khmer, is attached to the YK Art House hotel, a boutique hotel with an independent art gallery and a library.

Watch the video review of Bong Bonlai below by our Phnom Penh local experts Chic Critiques, Alan and Mr. Pheap from A.N.D. Artisan Designer:

Bong Bonlai Vegan Restaurant, 13a, Street 830, Phnom Penh, Tel: +855 70 740 051, open Tue-Sun 7:30am – 5pm

Bong Bonlai Phnom Penh map

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