Kimono Shopping in Narita

Kimono shopping in Tokyo, Cabin crew blog

Narita is the airport city just outside Tokyo. This is also where we stay, on our Tokyo flight layovers. The picture perfect city center in Narita is surrounded by a lush green landscape, and there is also a shrine and lots of small vintage stores.

On my latest layover, Elisabeth showed me a store selling all sorts of stuff. From trays to kimonos and wooden dolls. I was looking for a fruit tray, but the one I fell in love with was a little too expensive. Instead I found a pre-owned kimono which was many years old but looked brand new! Kimonos are trending again and the one I found was quite simple, but very beautiful. Kimono, you’re coming back to Sweden with me! I also found a wooden doll, which can now begin a new chapter in my bookshelf.

As always on our Tokyo layovers, we eat plenty of sushi. It is so delicious and much better than the sushi you can get in Sweden. I would visit Japan just for the food!

After our sushi feast, we sleep for 11 hours and then we are ready to go back to Sweden again.


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