A sweet surprise – Baked banana and chocolate in the galley

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At the airline I work for, “steward” is not a male air host, but the title of the person in charge of the galley. He or she usually has a background in hospitality and receives further education in food and beverages before obtaining the “steward” title.

On my last flight back from Shanghai, our amazing steward André was in a good mood, so he decided to make an edible surprise for the rest of us. He took some bananas and apples from the crew meals and added big chunks of chocolate on top of that.

The apples and bananas also got a sprinkle of cinnamon, which André always brings along in his steward-kit. Then everything went into the oven for a couple of minutes before it was ready. André served the delicious dessert together with left-over ice cream from business class, – so incredibly tasty!

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  1. Omg, looks delicious. Good idea to what I should bring to work on my birthday flying AYT ????????


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