A memorable flight

Being a cabin crew is all about being service minded, being able to talk to people and wanting to help them. A small gesture is often all it takes to make a memorable flight for our passengers.  

In my opinion, being willing to go that extra mile is important in this job, and luckily the majority of my colleagues feel the same. I think this is why we are having such a good time together on board.

On a trip a while ago, they called from the gate to warn the crew on board that a woman and her husband were acting noticeably upset in the gate. As the couple boards the aircraft, they are clearly dissatisfied, but I decide not to let it stop me from responding to them in a nice way. I approach them and let them know that I am sure they have their reasons to be dissatisfied and if they want to ventilate, then just go ahead! I do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure they have a nice flight and most importantly, I listen. They have a story to tell and a reason for their behavior. I let them know that I understand, we talk, and we laugh. I tell anecdotes about other passengers and provide them with tips about the destination we are going to. They tell me that they are visiting their daughter.

Before they get off the plane, they give me a big hug, and it made me so happy. To feel appreciated like that is so rewarding. This is one of those flights I will always remember. I think the best part of our job is the opportunity to interact with the passengers. To have fun together and to be able to help them with recommendations and tips. It makes my day so much more enjoyable, plus I often learn new things from talking with the passengers:)

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