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Tatie’s – A French bakery in Phnom Penh

Tatie's - French bakery in Phnom Penh - Phnom Penh Guide - Pilots + Cabin Crew

Tatie’s is a cute little French bakery/cafe with pretty, tiled decor inside and a cozy front courtyard seating areas as well as indoor seating, all with plenty of cozy nooks. Tatie’s is mostly known for salads, tartines and sandwiches, but they also do light breakfast dishes.

We ordered a tartine and a ciabatta sandwich, which were both a little bread-heavy and topping-light. We also had problems locating the advertised anchovies in the tartine, though it turned out thay they were mashed and mixed with the tomato topping.

The fascia advertises bread, pastry, cheese, but the patisserie selection was disappointingly limited, both on the day we filmed and on a previous occasion when we went to check things out. On yet another occasion, Tatie’s was closed altogether during the afternoon, but as mentioned in the video, this is the time of Covid, and we are confident that Tatie’s will be an even nicer experience, when we can leave the pandemic behind.

The best thing to order at Tatie’s may be bread/cheese with wine, or buying croissants and loaves to take away, as many customers do. The bread and loaves looked good, as did the cheese, which is also made in-house. While it may not be the best brunch in Phnom Penh, the location is great, the surroundings are pretty, and the staff members are very nice.

Watch Chic Critiques’ video from Tatie’s below:

Tatie’s, #182, St 13., Phnom Penh, Tel. 096 976 2586, Hours: 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.

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By Chic Critiques

Mr. Alan J. Flux and Mr. Pheap from fair fashion boutique (h)A.N.D. in Phnom Penh are on a mission to show you all the nicest places in the city.

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