Dubai: Saigon – Taste of Vietnam

Casual Vietnamese restaurant in JLT with a good selection of delicious, Vietnamese food. It is a great place for pho, but it would be a shame not to try some of the other tempting dishes on the menu. The noodle soups come in two sizes: “I’m Tasting” and “Regular”, but the “I’m tasting” size would be enough as a main course or for lunch.

There is a small seating area inside the restaurant and tables and chairs outside the restaurant too, but it is a popular place for dinner, so be prepared to wait, or try to get a table at Vietnamese Foodies, another popular Vietnamese restaurant, located just below Saigon at the promenade level.

If you are taking the metro, Saigon is only a couple of minutes walk from DMCC metro station.

Saigon does not serve alcohol.

What to eat? Pho, Bun Bo Hue (spicy noodle soup), Bun Ca (Vietnamese fish vermicelli) 

What to drink? Have a lime soda with your food and a Vietnamese dripping coffee for dessert.

Saigon – Taste of Vietnam, Lake Terrace Tower (Balcony Level), Cluster D, JLT, Dubai

Saigon- Taste of Vietnam

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