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Phnom Penh: Wau – Malaysian Halal Restaurant

by Chic Critiques
Wau, Malaysian halal restaurant in Phnom Penh

Wau is a Malaysian halal restaurant in central Phnom Penh but on a quiet street just off Norodom Boulevard. The staff is very friendly and the food is delicious.

There are tables inside, but go for one of the tables outside, as they are cozier, especially in the evening. The staff and the cooks are Malaysian, and the menu has most of the food you would expect to find at a casual Malaysian restaurant, including a buffet option, which is really good value for money. Mains are around $5.

Wau does not serve alcohol, but good Malaysian tea and Milo (a chocolate-malt drink produced by Nestlé and very popular in Malaysia). For those who dare, Wau also serves durian cream candy.

Wau is a great place for lunch and casual dinner, and even for breakfast. Go there at 7-8am in the morning, when the restaurant is nice and quiet and the city is just about to wake up, and order the very tasty, very authentic roti canai (flatbread) with curry.

Watch Chic Critiques’ video review of Wau below:

Wau, House #3, Street 208, Phnom Penh, Hours: 6:30am-8:30pm, Tel: 099322512

Wau Malaysian Restaurant Phnom Penh map

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