Phnom Penh: Shiva Shakti – North Indian Restaurant

Shiva Shakti - Northern Indian Restaurant - Phnom Penh Guide - Pilots + Cabin Crew

Shiva Shakti is a very good place for North Indian food. The restaurant is well-established and popular with the Indian Embassy crowd, and for visitors who prefer a more recognizable kind of Indian restaurant. Shiva Shakti is well-priced with good-sized portions, suitable for a relaxed, informal dinner. The central location also makes the restaurant a good choice after a ramble through nearby Boeng Keng Kang market with its mix of clothes, new and secondhand , florists and local fruits and vegetables.

What to order? Butter chicken with dhal and aloo paratha would be good choices.

In the video below, Mr. Alan from (h)A.N.D. and Ms. Geraldine from Sunrise Cambodia meet for lunch at Shiva Shakti:

Shiva Shakti, 17 Preah Trasak Paem St. (63), Phnom Penh 12301, Cambodia

Shiva Shakti Phnom Penh map

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Mr. Alan J. Flux and Mr. Pheap from fair fashion boutique (h)A.N.D. in Phnom Penh are on a mission to show you all the nicest places in the city.

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