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Phnom Penh – Ministry of Cat

Phnom Penh - Ministry of Cat

Ministry of Cat is a cat café with cats that are all rescues. All the cats in the café have been rescued, rehabilitated and are all up for adoption, and there are so many cute fur-babies; 3 legged ones, blind ones and hyper ones, all looking for a new home.

Ministry of Cat is great place for cat lovers, but office workers can also get a nice and relaxing break, whilst enjoying the company of the adorable cats. It is also a perfect place to hang out with friends, and in my case, I was able to celebrate my birthday there. You can reserve a table for a special occasion through their website.

Ministry of Cat have a diverse, mainly healthy, menu with an array of different styles of food including Mexican food, Korean bibimbap, and traditional Khmer style food like loklak. They also have a vegan menu and kombucha, which is a healthy, fermented probiotic tea. It’s fizzy and has a peculiar taste, that some might love, whilst some might not:) My personal favorite is the raspberry lime flavor.

Might I add they also have refreshing hot tea of all sorts as well as smoothies. I ordered the grumpy cat smoothie and “The keep up beauty” tea, and both were delightful, but the star of the show was definitely the coffee. The presentation was immaculate and the coffee was so lovely. I got all my coffee for 1$ since I went on a Thursday. However, the café is quite small so reservation is recommended and it might get a bit cramped if there are a lot of people. The staff is always super friendly and offer a 10/10 customer service.

What to order? You should definitely go for one of their brownies!! They are sweet, soft, and fudgy, and could easily be the best brownies in town. For my birthday I ordered a mountain of them instead of cake. You should also try the Iced Vanilla Latte (regularly 3.5$, 1$ on Thursdays) The ice cubes are made out of coffee, and when you pour warm milk over, it melts the coffee ice cubes, and you’ve got a latte.

Price level: The price range is about the same as at any other cafe in Phnom Penh, but on Thursdays, they have 1$ Coffee Thursday and any coffee drink is 1$ only!!

Ministry of Cat, #5 St 442, Phnom Penh

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