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Phnom Penh: Ratanak Restaurant on the way to Chisor Mountain

Ratanak Restaurant, on the way to Chisok Mountain, Phnom Penh Guide

If you are going on a daytrip to Chisor Mountain, make sure to squeeze in a visit to Ratanak Restaurant, which is located along the way. All food is freshly cooked to order in just a few moments. There is no menu, as most visitors would go there with a guide, but visitors can order what they want, and if they do not have the ingredients required to cook the requested dish, they will suggest alternatives. Last time we were there, we wanted pork with pineapple, but got pork with ginger instead.

What to order? Ratanak Restaurant is a great place to try typical Khmer food. The freshly-cooked pork with ginger is good, and if they are very daring they can try the Phong Tia Koan (fetus egg).

Watch Chic Critiques, aka Mr. Alan & Mr. Pheap from Phnom Penh fair fashion brand (h)A.N.D, visit Ratanak Restaurant in the video below:

Ratanak Restaurant on National Road #2, at Phnom Chisor (Chisor Mountain) Junction, Cambodia

Ratanak Restaurant on the way to Chisor Mountain

By Chic Critiques

Mr. Alan J. Flux and Mr. Pheap from fair fashion boutique (h)A.N.D. in Phnom Penh are on a mission to show you all the nicest places in the city.

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