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National Museum of Cambodia

National Museum of Cambodia - Phnom Penh Guide - Pilots + Cabin Crew

The National Museum of Cambodia is a national treasure, filled with ancient artifacts and statues of the country’s rich history and culture. An entrance fee costs 5$ for foreigners aged 10-17 years old, and 10$ for those aged 18 and over. The Cambodian National Museum is located on Street 13 in central Phnom Penh, just north of the Royal Palace and west of Veal Preah Man Square. The majority of tourists begin on the left and work their way clockwise through the museum. A major part of an enormous bronze reclining Vishnu statue – containing a relatively intact head, shoulders, and two arms – is one of the first notable sculptures to welcome visitors. 

It is prohibited to smoke or take pictures inside the Cambodian National Museum. But you can take pictures of the inside garden and the exterior architecture of the museum. An audio guide is recommended if you want the best experience in learning and understanding the Khmer culture and history. There are also cultural performances and dances you can watch there.

Expect to spend around 2-3 hours at the museum and allow for plenty of time to stroll around the beautiful garden.

The National Museum of Cambodia, Preah Ang Eng St. (13), Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The National Museum of Cambodia Phnom Penh map

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