Men's Resort Wear - Camp Collar Shirts

Camp Collar Shirts, sustainable men's fashion, ethically made

Nothing spells summer like a camp collar shirt, and if you are going on a trip somewhere warm, the camp shirt is your perfect companion. While the origin of the camp collar shirt is still debated, the camp collar shirt got its big US breakthrough in the 1950s, when Elvis, among others, made the casual shirts widely popular.


The camp shirts from (h)A.N.D. are made in Phnom Penh from upcycled, leftover fabric from the garment industry in Cambodia, which (h)A.N.D. buys at the local markets or directly from the factories. Often, there are only a few meters available of each pattern, and many of the shirts are therefore one of a kind or made in very small quantities.

You would want a comfortable, relaxed fit, so even though the measurements of the shirts from (h)A.N.D. is US standard sizes, make sure to check the measurements in the size guide and go a size up, if in doubt.


Wear the shirt alone or over a T-shirt or a tank top, untucked with jeans, chinos, or shorts. It also looks good under a light linen jacket for a stylish, yet casual evening look. If you just want to blend in by the beach, pick one of the discreet colors and patterns, but if you are looking to stand out from the crowd, there are also a shirt for you in our selection.