May 2019 Roster – Time flies

It is already May 8th and we wonder what happened to April? Well, time flies and so do we. Here are some of the things that we are looking forward to on this month’s roster:

Jessica (@jesasica): I am really looking forward to my NRT (Narita, Tokyo) flight. At the airline I work for, we have this preferential bidding system that lets us put in requests for specific flights, and a friend and I both requested Tokyo and got it! My friend has promised to show me a vintage store that sells the most beautiful ceramics and old kimonos. She bought an old kimono last time she was there, and it was so cheap. Sounds like such an interesting place!

Anne-Mette (@tinytravellersguide): I have my first long-haul flight for almost four years, Chicago here I come! If the weather is nice, I’ll go to the beach at Lake Michigan, but I’m also trying to squeeze in some yoga and running.. and Whole Foods of course!

Rikke (@rikkeinthesky): Most of my roster this month is office duty, so there’s really not much to write about. Instead, I am looking forward to decorating my new kitchen. I have found a really nice Gaggenau oven that I hope to get my hands on next week.

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