Dubai: Guide to Lebanese Restaurants

Guide to Lebanese restaurants in Dubai

Lebanese food is among the most popular in Dubai, among both expats and locals, and some of the most prominent Lebanese restaurants are often mistaken to be Emirati restaurants by tourists, because of the large number of Emirati diners. The grilled dishes are often a safe bet, but make sure you try some of the delicious mezze too (and that’s not just hummus). Lebanese national, hardcore foodie, and long term Dubai resident Jijjo shares her favorite Lebanese restaurants in Dubai:

Ibn AlBahr

This is the place to go for Lebanese-style grilled fish and seafood. For appetizers, order the clams, the hummus and the fattoush (salad), and for a main course, I would order grilled fish. My favorite is the sea bream, but the red snapper and the hamour are also good choices. You can choose from a range of different cooking methods, but I like the Chargrilled butterfly style the best.

Ibn AlBahr is licensed (serves alcohol)

Ibn AlBahr, Club Vista Mare, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, Tel: +971 54 469 0075

Al Safadi

There are 4 Al Safadi restaurants in Dubai, and the one at Sheikh Zayed Road is probably the most well-known. Many Emiratis go here for family dinners and the restaurant is always busy. Al Safadi is known for its big selection of hot and cold mezze, and I recommend that you order a bunch of different ones for the table to share. In addition to hummus, moutabel and fattoush, try and the fatteh with meat (chickpeas, fried bread, meat, topped with yogurt), the sujouk (fried spicy sausage), the hendbeh (cooked dandelion leaves) and the raw kebbe (raw, seasoned minced meat) for the adventurous souls.

Al Safadi do not serve alcohol

Al Safadi, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Al Beiruti

Al Beiruti is a new restaurant that I really like. Ras Asfour is a dish with small pieces of meat, and Al Beiruti does a version with mustard, which is delicious. Their fatteh with grilled or fried eggplant topped with yogurt, pine nuts and pomegranate is also tasty, and you might also want to try the stuffed vine leaves, which are very nice too. Al Beiruti has these special fries which are served topped with yogurt, like patatas bravas, but with yogurt, and it is also a must-order. They do no serve alcohol, but you can enjoy a shisha instead.  

Al Beiruti, Exit 41, Sheikh Zayed Road, Umm Al Sheif, Dubai

Wafi Gourmet

Wafi Gourmet is located inside Wafi Mall close to the airport. They opened back in 2001, so this is a real classic, when it comes to Lebanese food in Dubai. The original location is inside Wafi Mall, but they also have a branch in Dubai Mall. A good place to go for authentic Lebanese food, especially if you are staying in the airport area.

Wafi Gourmet (inside Wafi Mall), Oud Metha Road, Dubai

Jijjo, Local Expert Dubai

Jijjo – Dubai Local Expert

Lebanese national and Dubai expat Jijjo guides us through the dining and drinking scene in Dubai. Jijjo has been living in Dubai for the past 8 years, first in Business Bay and now in Dubai Marina. Jijjo has high standards when it comes to food and drinks, so if she gives a place thumbs up, you can be sure that it is good.

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